Boosted builders so that I can spend my overflowing gold. I have two builders completing their upgrade at the same time so I need to find a way to keep them busy again.

This is when I’m really happy that I rushed because most of my upgrades cost only 8mil so I just need to choose two upgrades which take different times to complete. From the first picture above, my 6th builder will complete in 5 days so its ideal to start 7 and 9 day upgrades so that both builders will be split and they don’t clash with other builders.

Hammered my giga inferno to max, that’s one defense done. I rarely see the impact of my maxed giga inferno, 300 dps is nothing when people spam 2-3 freeze to instantly stop it.

I didn’t have a book so I elected to spend gems to instantly complete this warden upgrade. No regrets since I have such a decent stash of gems to use. Once my heroes are maxed, I won’t have anywhere to spend my gems anymore so I guess its better to spend them on gems. Before magic items, I used to gem 1-2 long upgrades per month and paying $10-20/month to buy gems.

And what is the reward for upgrading warden from lvl40 to lvl50? Absolutely nothing! The best thing about the warden is the life aura and getting nothing in TH13 is absolutely painful.

TH11/12 has been really bad because the only strength increase you get was from the warden, but now in TH13 you don’t get anything which is horrifying for balance. Getting a lvl40 warden in TH12 would be helpful so that you don’t need to upgrade warden at all for TH13. However, that would unnecessarily delay RC progress which would make you weaker overall. If TH13 had good loot like TH11/12 then it wouldn’t really matter when you upgraded but now TH13 still doesn’t have as good loot as lower levels.

Right now, getting warden to lvl30 in TH12 might be a good idea so that you can get lvl40 warden and lvl20 RC at the same time and not worry about either hero.

I managed to split up my two builders, see the mortar and the AT upgrades. Upgrades of similar TH levels usually cost the same amount of time, this is why having upgrades of different TH levels is a good idea so that you can spread out your builders optimally. Doing so in this account is so easy, but main account finds it really hard to do the same.

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