Farming in TH9 is very simple, because you still can rely on hitting storages for decent (but not good) loot. Remember that the best loot is always found in collectors, but storage raiding is a good way to get decent income as well (at least in TH9)

This is no longer true, dead bases are the best no matter how you cut it. Always go for dead bases so barch is the only army you’ll ever need

TH9 is the first TH a rusher will stay for a longer time, so its good to know the costs involved:

AQ 1 to 20: 1.1mil DE

BK 10 to 20: 675k DE

Buildings + lego walls: (assume gold=elixir) about 400-600mil resources

Anything more for heroes and walls are for own entertainment, I strongly recommend one should rush to TH10 after these milestones or even before them.

Early TH9 farming is tougher because your troops are weak, collector raids don’t get significantly more profitable and elixir demand is huge. Dead bases are so profitable, with decent farming you shouldn’t have any troubles. For the first time, you’ll need to farm almost 20mil elixir within the first week of TH9 which is about 3mil per day. Unless you’re reasonably dedicated, being rushed or maxed won’t save you from this. This is why you’re reading this guide, to learn how to farm properly. Let’s jump straight into the army comps.

1. Barch (70-110 barbs, 110-150 arch, optionally 6-8 wallbreakers)

Best farming army in the game and most universal. In TH9, barch can get the job done easily. You can easily find collector raids at around 1500-1900 and just raid them. DE might be a little low, but elixir needs can be done quickly. Won’t go into too much detail, just spam a line of barbs and a line or archers behind the barbs. Target bases with >300k each or >1.5k DE in drills.

2. Gibarch (32 barbs, 96 arch, 12 giants, 12 wb, 4 minions)

This is overall my favorite army comp to use in TH9. This can be used better than barch because I can choose not to use all my giants and attack a base with full collectors; or spam all my giants on a base with decent storage income.

The best thing about this comp is that if I use 4-8 giants on a raid, my army training time is only 13-15min which makes it faster training than barch. Besides that, I can spice things up by hitting storage raids to prevent boredom and I’m able to hit collectors (particularly drills) deep inside bases.

A good range for this is around 1600-2000. When dropping troops, split the base into 4 segments where you want to drop troops. Decide how many giants you want to drop in each segment, then drop 8 barbs, 20 arch behind the giants to snag all collectors. Target bases with >250k each or >1.5k DE in drills or a base with storages >250k elixir AND >1.6k DE.

No longer profitable to use gibarch now, stick to barch


Look at the amount of loot in this base, the first thing in every raid is to drop archers to snipe useless buildings first. See the spell factory, camps and barracks, they’re unprotected and can be easily taken down by archers. Just drop 1 archer per building and wait it out.

Note the the southwestern side (8 o’clock direction) has more collectors, so I decide to drop 4 giants from SW, then 2 giants from SE then 1 giant on east and  1 giant on north, followed by corresponding amounts of barch. Final gain: 314k gold, 328k elixir, 450 DE; decent yield for using 15min army and no spells.

This is the second attack from the attack log:


This is called the Tailor base. Its infamous for being quite bad in defense and many people laugh at it. It defends poorly against DE but is actually quite good in stopping gold/elixir loss.

This base has 4k DE, which is the main reason why I attacked it in the first place. Looking at the base, I can estimate that around 1.5-1.8k DE is from the drills, 800 each from north and south. The DE tank is located right in the center, worth about 2-2.5k DE. Since the southern drill is right at the edge, I can use 2 giants and 2 wb to open the compartment, then steal the DE.

After that, I can dump all my giants up north, open the compartment and follow through with my barch. For these bases, I bring and use my CC. I tend to have maxed bowlers which are brought from my TH10 account. I recommend having at least wiz and preferably valks/bowlers in the CC to help hit bases like these. I heal giants then rage my wb towards the center, easily breaking into the core for my bowlers to get all the DE. Final gain: 63k gold, 294k elixir and 4k DE; very good for an army which takes 20min to train and only 2 spells.

3. Goblin knife

I’ve recently started goblin knifing to see how good it was. I feel that while its not a bad comp, it isn’t much better compared to gibarch and sacrifices your gold/elixir income for around 50% more DE. Weigh your preferences, I’ll still talk about goblin knife, but I personally find it significantly worse than simple barch

The idea of this comp is simple, you find a base with good DE, funnel goblins into the core and watch them melt everything inside with their double damage. They’re the highest dps/space troop in the game with their double damage.

Nah, after usage of a few weeks I’m back at using gibarch. Knife is quite weak for 3 reasons:

  1. Higher cost than barch and trains slower
  2. Elixir and gold per raid tends to be lower, DE only marginally better
  3. Chance of failure, why use something at 80% success rate when gibarch is easily 100%?

If you insist on guides, look it up on youtube. I won’t bother to cover it in depth


      • Thanks for the reply. I’m thinking of switching my strategy to goblin knife because goblin knife is capable of stealing DE against more bases than GiBarch can. Is upgrading goblins or jump more important? Jump level 1 feels really shit, having so little time to execute your goblin rush. However, goblins to 6 is a huge stat upgrade. Which one? Or should I still stick to GiBarch?

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      • I would go with gibarch, or straight barch. But that is much better in TH10 where you can get 4k DE per raid easily.

        Goblin knife does kill your elixir though. Goblins are always a better upgrade than jump. Lvl6 goblins get a huge jump in stats


      • Do you have any videos or any other sort of guide besides this on GiBarching for DE? Still can’t seem to grasp it. I can only attack TH9s with low walls and TH8 defenses, or a non-centralized DE storage. Things get even worse when I don’t have my heroes, without my king there’s nothing to tank except giants, and they usually just go around a ring leaving archers and bowlers completely tankless.

        I’m definitely doing something wrong. When I attack for DE I first pick off any free buildings with archers (as you’ve stated) then place down one giant followed by all the rest at where I want to attack from, wb the first layer of walls, start a funnel with archers, then send in heroes and CC. Then I just start spamming barbs and archers from the opening for extra support, and use spells as needed. Anything I can do better here?


      • Nope, no videos. Work on hitting TH8s first, these will provide the easiest DE. Then once you’re confident, go for TH9 bases. Otherwise you can upgrade goblins and look for gob knife strategy guides

        I usually do not use jump spells for TH8 bases but will use them for a TH9 base with >4k DE. Just rage the wb in for a TH8 base, 1 rage, 1 heal per raid. Your deployment when stated seems fair enough and should work fine

        Hint: I only hit TH8 bases with >1.6k or TH9 bases with >4k. There is a chance for failure against TH9s so I make sure that I only hit the bases that are worth the fail.


      • I also bring cc bowlers to use against TH9 bases (but not TH8 bases). Just 5 of them can take out most of the TH9 base. Just spam all your spells if the base gives good enough DE (>4k).


  1. Why is dark elixir so much better at TH 10? I think I ask because I guess I don’t understand how opponents are chosen. I thought they were chosen based on my trophy level, but my TH level also matters? Or is it just that TH10 troops allow you to attack better bases maybe? Sorry for so much ignorance in one post. I think I’m just looking to understand in a more fundamental way. Thanks.


    • Yes, because TH10 finds more TH10s when you search. People often quote this as “loot penalty” but it is the single most important thing that made TH10 the farming heaven it is now. As a TH10, you find much more dead bases with 3 maxed drills allowing to farm 4k DE per raid with no effort at all. It is very common for a TH10 to earn >12k DE per hour just by using barch in C1-2.

      Check out my other post here:


      • Thanks, that helps. I’m a day away from TH10 with lvl20 AQ / lvl15 BK, but suffering cold feet as I get close. I’m very time constrained so I always farm boosted when I can catch a spare hour. I’m worried about farming enough to stay ahead of TH10 requirements, but things have all worked out so far. A big thanks to you and your helpful readers for helping to make clash fun again — I had previously maxed a TH8 ugh!! I swore I’d never play again it was so miserable. It’s good to have a little encouragement for *smart* play!


  2. Do you still think Barch is viable? I found your guide a few days ago just as I thought of going to TH9 (wanted to max TH8) but then moved right away to TH9. Since then I really tried Barching but apart from the fact that its not really fun I find myself also not really getting a lot out of it. I loose a lot of trophies because most bases at that level now don’t allow you to get even 1 star with this attack and the loot is also only a few times really good.
    Its even worse with my TH7 account I feel, Barching is almost impossible there?


    • Nope, barch is the only farming army you’ll ever need even until TH12. You need to find dead bases with full exposed collectors. You do not attempt to attack storages with this army unless you are really good at it.

      You can easily barch in silver 3 to gold 1 as a TH7-9 and easily earn 300/300k per raid. When you are a TH9, you can also find lots of bases with full DE drills giving you 800-2700 DE per raid

      Here’s how to barch


  3. Would you consider adding in goblins into a barch? Something along the lines of 65 barbs, 112 archers, and 35 goblins, along with 4 optional wallbreakers. While you do need to spend time upgrading another troop, I do think it might be worth it since the goblins would destroy the collectors faster. Maybe just get rid of the barbarians entirely since you really only are hitting collectors? Anyways what are your thoughts about it.


  4. Hey do you think adding goblins into a barch would work? I was thinking of doing an army comp of 65 barbs, 112 archers, 35 goblins, and an optional 4 wallbreakers. This would require you to spend time to upgrade those goblins but I think it’s worth it since it would be better then barbs at hitting collectors. Maybe cutting out the barbs entirely and replacing them with goblins would also work. Anyways what are your thoughts about using goblins?


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