A lot of people have been asking me, how to get into FWA. The process seems tedious and finding the right clan might not be easy. If you ever went to the FWA website:


They do not really have specific instructions for newbies on how to join a FWA clan. Here I will outline the simple process of getting into a clan so that you can be accepted easily and integrated into the system.

Note: You do need to be at least TH10 (having infernos) to have a solid placement in any FWA clan. Not many clans will take a TH8/9, even a maxed ones. So rush to TH10 and drop infernos asap so that you can easily join FWA. I’ve heard reports that you need something like lvl6 archers and lvl6 wizards to join, but I still encourage you to get lvl7 barbs and lvl7 arch with lvl1 wizards. Try upgrading other troops like balloons and hogs to show that you know what you’re doing.

Firstly, you need to do your groundwork, go to the FWA webpage and see how to make a FWA base. Copy it exactly and take a screenshot of your FWA base, also take a screenshot of your profile (press your level on the top left corner in CoC).

This is how a FWA base looks like: (the TH12 base looks vastly different)


There are a few ways to join from here, either you can join Band and get one of the moderators to try and match you (which is actually hard), or you just can apply directly to clans and see if they accept you. I recommend trying to join a few clans directly before trying the Band route. Just go through the website above and look through their clan list. Try to search for some of the clans and see if they have vacancies and apply directly. Nothing much to this process here, you just need to be lucky.

Now, you want to download the app “Band” into your phone and register an account. This is essential because all of FWA communicates through Band and its the easiest way to join a clan.

After that, search within band (magnifying glass on top right corner) for a group called “#FWA recruitment”, join this Band group and apply for a clan. Give your details and you may be asked to give pictures of your base and profile.


The admin within the group will find a suitable clan for you to join in and have farm wars. Get to know your new clan well as it isn’t easy to switch clans (to prevent hopping and abusing wins), just farm here for your purposes and you might find new good friends to hang out.

This is basically the short guide on how to easily join FWA. Feel free to comment below if you have any questions regarding this issue.


  1. One thing that was especially confusing for me the first time was when you join the band channel, you dont post your screenshots in the main window. You have to go into the chat area for the channel and post in there. I had never used band before I applied to FWA, so I didn’t even know the difference.

    I found the band to be a giant waste of time and just tried my luck at spamming apps to open clans that were FWA. I personalized my messages and that allowed one to let me in as a TH8. The group I got into is pretty boring and inactive, but I get my free loot and they are level 10 so it makes donations much more beneficial.


    • Yeah, there are mini chat groups within a big group that can be made. Its a really annoying app and I’m still not too sure why they use it. In the end its the loot that matters so people just put up with whatever and leave when they are done farming the things they need


  2. I joined my current fwa clan just by asking to join in game, then showing my fwa base. In this clan band is recommended but not required. So for me it’s quite easy.


    • Yeah, you can do that. Just sometimes its hard to find many clans and spam requests, though it might be easier than setting up band. Most clans do use band for communication though so its useful to have


  3. Can an FWA base be easily three starred with barch, and possibly with the use lightning spells to destroy wizard towers, if necessary? My clan requires a three star on war win. As a barcher, I’d rather not have to train some weird army.

    TH10 btw, about to become TH11.


    • I always do:

      Passive compartment: use 10 goblins.
      Ground compartment: use 1 baby dragon, and be sure to place him next to the Clan Castle so the goblins will eventually clear the other buildings too.
      Miscellaneous compartment:
      1. If you have the queen up, snipe the infernos with the ability first.
      2. If there is a special event with discounted troops, use them.
      3. Spam barbarians and archers around the defenses in a circle. If you barb king is up, let him take out the enemy queen. One more baby dragon for this compartment is useful too.


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