Well, like it or not I’ll need to write guides on the new builder base. Here are some tips that I noticed while playing. Firstly, the general rules you should read on your own, a whole new base, 3 attacks per raid, loot depends on your trophy range. I’ll only cover things that are not obvious

If you like the BH, you can spend some time playing after you finish your 3 raids to reach a higher league. That way, you can get more loot in the next day. In BH2, you can comfortably reach 300-500 cups and

Building anything new would make your enemy have that item as well. Usually, unless you’re at a high cup range or overflowing resources, you should not build or upgrade anything. For example, as a new BH2 in the beginning, you can choose not to build anything at all and easily win all 6 battles consecutively. That way, you should be able to build everything in BH2 and upgrade your BH immediately on the first day after doing all your battles.

The AI and pathing in this game mode is quite different from the original game. Do practice a bit before raging out. Giants and barbs are more likely to go into funnels than to break walls, at least so far in BH3.

Storages and offense buildings are far more important than defenses here. You can easily get 100% each battle and get a win whenever your enemy makes a mistake. Do not be afraid of ties unless you are really high cup range for your base.

Traps are far stronger than defenses, you can delay giants for 4-6s using push traps and instantly deal 1000+ dmg using your spring traps. So place them well! Building a defense adds a huge amount of dps, but upgrading them only improves their dps by 10%. So that means that building new defenses is more important than upgrading them.

As you can read from the above, the smarter player will realise that rushing is still the best way to go in this game mode. This is still anecdotal evidence right now, but the data so far is very compelling so far.

The casual player can take advantage of this and stay in lower leagues, using stronger army and defenses so that your BH experience is as stressless as possible.


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