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BH5 guide

BH5, the current cap of the builder base. For now, this is your current goal to rushing. You get more than double collector loot, much stronger clock tower boost and the battle machine to power up your raids. The earlier you rush to BH5, the faster your progress will be.

There is no reason not to rush in the BH, the MM is almost entirely based on trophies so you will still see many BH4s as a BH5. With the BM and more defenses (multi-mortar, 2nd double cannon and firecrackers), you will defend better and hit harder as a BH5. It is recommended to rush here before you even begin to gear up your main base.

Edit: While BH5 is no longer the cap, this still holds true, please rush to BH5 asap. The double collector loot makes up for every disadvantage.

I’ll be assuming that you only have lvl1 of every defense, lvl4 collectors and at least able to store 400k gold and 500k elixir. For troops, I expect around lvl4 giants and lvl6 arch or lvl3 baby dragons. Do not overflow on loot when you are upgrading (BH4 > 5 takes 2 days), so when you are nearly capping out, just stop playing for a day. Your attacks can accumulate for a day, giving you max 6 attacks in a day after a minimum of not attacking for one day.

First priority upgrades:

  1. All the new stuff. Build the new gold storage, gold mine, elixir storage, elixir pump, double cannon, firecracker, new traps and the new walls
  2. Focus on maxing your elixir storage to be able to store at least 900k elixir, preferably 1mil.
  3. Max out your elixir collectors
  4. Upgrade your gold storage to max lvl2, mine to lvl4
  5. Save up and build your battle machine, this is one of the most important upgrades. Once you have this, you can easily win most BH4s you find
  6. Save up and build your multi mortar. You might finish this earlier than the BM

Second priority upgrades:

  1. Max out all your resource structures, including elixir and gold storages and collectors.
  2. Max out your clock tower, this can be done before or after maxing your elixir storages
  3. Star lab. For a lab, its still really low in priority
  4. Barracks. Cannon cart is quite weak in the current meta, no harm in unlocking it late

Third priority upgrades:

  1. All defenses. Now that every other thing is maxed out, slowly max out your defenses while you work on troops in the lab. There is no real order here, just upgrade based on what you think is better or looks nicer. For cost:benefit ratio, working on lower level defenses is often better
  2. Rush to BH6.

Base design:


I found this base to be highly effective. Most people don’t know how to crack this base and you can reach 3000 with relative ease if you attack well.


For lab upgrades, it varies but the easiest way to gain strength is simply to max out baby drags. They are good for the easy 1 star and usually can power to get a 2 star if you did well in the attack. GiArch is better for the 2 star but will end up in a really low 0-1 star if you do not do well in the attack

Either work on giants and arch to lvl8 or baby drag to lvl8. Then upgrade your star lab and max out either army comp. You can also upgrade both army comps, but that option will make it weaker than having either composition maxed.

Attack strategies:

  1. Baby drags. Once you get to lvl6-8 baby drag, they become a powerhouse and can easily score 2 stars against most bases
  2. GiArch. Easy 2 stars on most bases
  3. Barch. On certain bases, they do really well and can score high 2 stars
  4. 3 giants, bombers, 12 arch. Does really well on certain bases, can score high 2 stars.

League: you will probably start out around 1400-1800, and can easily climb to 2200 with just BM + your BH4 troops. After getting lvl8 GiArch or Baby drags, you can attempt to push to 3000, but 2400+ would be comfortable. Once you max out a lvl10 army comp though, 3000+ becomes your goal

After you get a lvl1 BM, a lvl10 troop, maxed collectors and some lvl2-4 defenses, it is time to upgrade to BH6.

Read here:

BH6 Guide


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