How did you find yourself here? This guide is outdated, please read the updated guide below:

BH5+6 guide

By now, you should have around lvl3-4 defenses, maxed baby drag/beta minions/archers (1 of these), maxed collectors, maxed elixir storage and lvl1 battle machine.

As of now that BH6 is the final level, you should finish up all the offensive upgrades that are available and start working on defenses. This guide is a little late to the party because I actually forgotten to write it despite being in BH6 since the last update dropped.

Now BH6 is very similar to TH6 in the main game, utterly useless. There is no reason to overstay your welcome here and you should upgrade the bare minimum before jumping to BH7. With the introduction of BH7, witches have become effectively useless and BM is also useless which reduces a lot of the grind you need to do for BH6. Rush to BH7 asap!

There are actually very few offensive upgrade here in this BH especially since they removed the new army camp. So don’t expect to faceroll BH5s as soon as you upgrade, but you’ll easily be able to after getting one lvl12 troop and probably BM5. That should allow you to propel to 3000 cups as of writing this guide. Maybe only 2500 right now until you go to BH7 and grab the new army camp

First priority upgrades:

  1. New defenses, walls and traps. Being cheap and allowing you to more easily beat BH5s, these should the first things you build in BH6.
  2. New roaster. You probably have quite a bit of leftover gold because of the 3 day BH6 upgrade, so build your new roaster and see swarms of barbs and minions just melt.
  3. Upgrade all collectors to lvl6
  4. Star lab. Finally, lab is a first priority upgrade because BH6 really does not offer much offense wise so you need to boost your lvl10 troops to lvl12
  5. Storages, get to 2mil capacity so that you can prepare for BH7 and lvl14 barbs

Second priority upgrades:

  1. Defenses. Time to catch up on the defenses that you skipped. There are a few ways to work on defenses, but ultimately it does not matter too much as long as you’re above 3000 cups
    1. Upgrade every 1 day upgrade first, then work on 2-3 days upgrade afterwards. The reasoning is that you can finish all 1 day upgrades so that you do not need to battle with defenses down. Then afterwards you’ll be stronger so that even with key defenses down (2-3 days), you will survive and not drop too much
    2. Upgrade from important to less important upgrades. This is done so that you can defend better but it also means that you either have to sit out of battling while your key defenses are upgrading, or that you take a loss in trophies while your defenses upgrade.
    3. I personally just upgrade whatever, because I don’t care.
    4. Focus on multi-mortars and roaster, you can get both to lvl4-6 easily. Once you are frustrated enough by BH7s, rush to join them
  2. Battle machine to lvl5. This is important, try to get it after you got your lvl12 troop. now optional, BM does nothing in BH7. Lvl5 is helpful, but not necessary
  3. Barracks. When you want to upgrade barracks is all up to you, night witches are only good when they are maxed so prepare to sink 10+mil elixir into maxing them. The main reason why you want to upgrade barracks is to unlock higher level troops in higher BH levels.
    1. Night witches are crap in BH7, do upgrade barrack to unlock drop ships eventually.

Third priority upgrades:

  1. Battle machine to lvl10. Very low returns and prolonged regen time, not recommended until you done all key troops.
  2. Clock tower. Very useless after the nerf, almost cannot feel its presence.
  3. Gem mine. Unless you only play the builder base to power up your main base, this is not an important upgrade
  4. BH7!!! Rush there as soon as you feel frustrated enough by other rushed BH7s

(Anything I missed out? Seems awfully short) It is and should be awfully short while rushing to BH7


This depends entire on what you maxed out in BH5.

So work on whatever you got to lvl10 in BH5 and get it to lvl12 asap. I recommend archers, baby drags or minions first. Then work on barbs after arch or arch after air.

Attack strategies:

  1. Baby drags.
  2. Baby drags + minions
  3. Mass minions
  4. Mass archers
  5. GiArch/BArch

The general strategy is the same, try to take out as many buildings as possible with little troops, and path your main army with BM into the core to take out the BH. Look for videos as to how to attack, I might be making some but no promises.

Barbs, barbs and more barbs. Maybe a sprinkle of minions?

Barbs are the best troops to use in BH7, get used to them here in BH6. After getting lvl12 barbs, work on lvl10 bombers then consider minions or rush to BH7

Base design:


This is the base I’m using, not as strong as the compact diamond base but serves well. I really don’t care about BB so much so I’m too lazy to change. Furthermore, even if I change, I will just rise in trophies and end up with the same results – a 50% win rate.

Hope you enjoy this guide and please do point out any mistakes that I have made

Make sure you rush to BH7, there is no reason to stay in BH6 at all. BH6 is completely defense-oriented and therefore stands no chance to the offense-oriented BH7


  1. I’m surprised you didn’t mention barbs (with bombers or maybe giants) as an attack strategy, they’re actually pretty great at BH6 if you have the BM ability to take down a crusher.


  2. wait, when my main acc gets to BH6, I immediately get match with BH7 even I still have the same trophy. Is this why you said rush to BH7 asap? cuz one minute i was BH5 i got match with BH5 or weak BH6,, the moment master buider finished his upgrade on builder hall i got matched with BH7 up till now lol


    • What is your trophy count? I did not experience this with my newest account. You must rush because your trophy does not care about BH level, it will match you with someone in your same range


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