Before you read anything I type, read this:


See what the Supercell Mod wrote, there is no such thing as a “loot bonus” when a lower TH level attacks a higher TH level. If that were the case, we would see TH7s getting 600-800k from rushed TH10s, but we don’t. In fact, we see TH7s settling for 200-300k per raid while TH11s raiding for 300-500k per raid + 3-4k DE; why?

I don’t hate maxers by default, but I hate idiots who spread bad myths about rushing. Ask a few maxers why do they not rush, and usually half of them spews out bad, outdated and thoughtless myths. The main reason people max is because of social acceptance, there is otherwise no other reason why one should max any given TH level except TH11.

I’ve even made a reddit post about it:

The only reason why rushing is not favored in the main game is because people are clueless as to how the game works. Myths like “loot penalty” or “loot bonus” keep getting perpetuated yet they do not exist any more, there is also no such thing as better defense when you max out

I hope to create more posts like these to dispel myths about rushing, but I know many will never penetrate the ignorant skulls of maxers.

The strange thing is that the exact same phenomena (all the benefits of rushing) exists in the builder base, yet due to the competitive nature, the advantages of rushing becomes evident. Unfortunately, the knowledge is being stopped by the sea that separates the main base and the builder base. In both games, there is zero reason to max out.


  1. Saw a thread on reddit in the past few days, dude was maxed th8 with 30 skulls done or so, and most of them were saying that he should max his walls before going to th9. fucking monkeys lol


    • Yup, redditors are a different sort of idiot. And I used to think forumers are dense. Lots of people spread myths and accept them without going

      My consultant today just told me about people who think only up to their spinal level, information just cannot go into their cerebrum


  2. Talking of understanding how the game works, this reminds me of the current hot topic in the clan war community – engineered bases. I’m not really surprised that engineered bases have become so popular; it’s really an extension of what mostly every CoC player says you should do when you’ve upgraded your TH: upgrade Lab, Spell Factory, Barracks and research first. Every guide to upgrading your TH says to favour offense over defense, so it shouldn’t be a shock that people have gone a little further and just not built defenses and maxed out the offensive side of their base.


  3. Well, im actually thankful for reading info regarding rushing. From morgauth’s guide, to sservis, to some post by forgivemenot, and to your guide. Im doing better in COC than my friends despite the fact they started first and play much more than me , although we are all casual, my progress is better than them, i manage to play efficiently as possible.


  4. I like your blog but you have a pretty bad habit of using run-on sentences:

    “The main reason people max is because of social acceptance, there is otherwise no other reason why one should max any given TH level except TH11.”

    Here, two independent clauses are joined by a comma, which is incorrect. You need to join them with a conjunction or other punctuation which is correct, like a period or semicolon.

    Just offering some tips so your writing can be more readable.


  5. How do I convince my clan that rushing is the best action? I’ve been in it for a long time but they say no rushed bases and won’t include me in clan war leagues if I rush. I’m a th9, thinking about rushing it. How do I explain it to my clan? They say if you rush, you will have lower level troops and have to attack lower ths and then the loot penalty will apply. What can I do to convince them? I don’t want to go join a different clan cause I’m good friends with all of them


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