As most of you all know, there is a dragon event going on right now. Use 2 dragons for 20 raids in 3 days to earn 200 gems. This event is a complete joke, here’s a forum post to read:

For me, the issue is not 20 raids in 3 days (over 3-4 accounts). I know I can farm harder and I have done much more before. The problem is that there is nothing for me to farm for in at least 2 of my accounts. I maxed everything besides lab and I do not need to raid to fill my storages anymore. SC should think of adding end game stuff and grinds (soft/hard caps) to ensure that long term players will always have things to grind and have fun in the game.

Enough of my ranting, here’s the armies I’ve been using



This army I seen being used by my clan mates and in youtube. Basically form a funnel using heroes with/without 2 drags and send everything down the middle. The sequence is: drop hound, drop drags, drag loon, haste, rage. Clone your dragons in the core. This sequence is done because you want to drop drags before loons so that clone will hit your dragons.

Watch some youtube on how to perform this attack, quite easily done and I’m exclusively bullying TH10s here in T3/Ch1. Not recommended unless you have everything in the army maxed out. That means lvl7 loon, lvl6 drag, lvl5 clone at the very least.

Alternate army:


3 haste instead of rage. Decent, but I feel more rage is better.

Attack log:


Dropping from high T1 back down to places where I can hunt TH10s exclusively for their stars. I’m only interested in robbing their trophies and don’t care whatever loot they or any TH11 may have.

More attack logs:




This is just simple classical laloon but with a few drags. This army is extremely hard to use compared to normal laloon because the warden will follow the drags instead of loons, luckily its still a solid 1-2 star when used in Ch1/T3.

Alternate army:


This army uses a strong laloon and weak dragons. CC has a dragon so that you have something some what strong to use.

Learned a way for wardens to stick with dragons, just drop laloon and warden first. After loons have went into the core and partially destroyed it with warden’s tome, then drop dragons at the beginning of the base, this way warden will double back and follow the drags. Loons might all die and you might not 3 star, but warden will go back to the safe zone and follow dragons, this allows you to end the raid early with a live warden so that you can start your second raid immediately.

Recommend at least lvl4 hounds and lvl7 loons

Attack log:



If these armies do not suit you, just use any of your regular farming army and swap out 40 camp space for 2 dragons

Or follow the advice of the event, 4 zaps, 2 quakes, 12 drags should do just fine in getting 1-2 stars anywhere in crystal and masters.

Hope you complete the event quickly


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