Hmm, 6 new offers today. The Xmas offers were really crazy, I bought 2 out of the 3 sets of value packs

AQ still going to 30, these upgrade timers are really killing me. I can’t believe it used to take a week after lvl15. In the past, heroes took 151 days to reach lvl30. I can’t believe that I never really overflowed DE that much at the time, now despite short hero times and no change in the DE cost, I’m still overflowing DE like crazy

The last sprint and digital clash pack. It was only afterwards that I knew the digital clash pack was discounted by Amazon users. They essentially had half price for that pack which made it really sweet. At this cost, I didn’t bought it


  1. Hi Dusk,

    I’m currently TH9 following the same path as you did with this account. I’ve got a question about gold mines and elixir collectors. You give a lot of importance to rush the DE drills because that gives passive income but you don’t apply the same argument to gold / elixir. I get that DE is harder to get but 500+k of free gold & elixir per day wouldn’t be worth the upgrade before moving to TH10 (for walls)? I would love to hear your opinion about that.

    Have a great day



    • Nope, it usually isn’t worth it. The added loot makes even TH10 with lvl1 collectors better than TH9 with maxed collectors, even if both raids the same amount every day.

      Offense > resources > defenses

      Gold mines should be done before defenses because you are right that you lose 500k/day when you neglect collectors. But when you’re making so much more DE per raid in TH10, it makes no sense to work on collectors while neglecting good loot.


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