Bowlers lvl2 complete, so now I need to upgrade my farming troops. The hp above isn’t truly correct because this picture was taken almost a month ago. Now barbarians lvl8 gain a 50% increase in health, the biggest boost in any troop from TH10-12. Frankly, every single troop should have this much increase in strength but I wouldn’t complain with barbs getting this sort of boost.

Book of fighting to skip 10 days of wait

Immediately got archers to start upgrading. Before the barb buff, I would say that archers gave me a bigger boost than barbarians but now definitely work on barbarians before upgrading archers. The +60 hp is too insane to pass up.

Upgrading barch means that my army cost increased as well, its now about 120-130k to build a full barch army. The price is still reasonable right now. In the past, the cost of barch was increased drastically. It used to cost only half as much as now to train barch, now its 100k. Too bad, but at least SC is now adjusting the hp of barbs as they recognize barch as a valid farming army.

So now this is what my base looks like. After bridging the gap between builders, I can now upgrade BK again

BK going to lvl25. I need another 175k for the next AQ level, I’m now 70+k short so I need to get that amount in 48 hours, easy peasy. First two army camps have started, getting 250 then 260 army camp space soon.

Magic items running out 😦 No more rune of elixir but I still have a rune of DE and book of hero, I’m getting a free AQ level soon. Hammer of hero isn’t as satisfying because I know I’m sacrificing 11 builder potions for one hammer. These books are much better because they don’t have an opportunity cost tied to them. This is what redditors don’t understand, the concept of opportunity cost.

Walls looking good. I’m one week into TH11 and I have completed 18 walls now. At this rate, it would take me 17 weeks to max out all walls. However, I have been farming a ton the past week because I just turned TH11. Afterwards when my farming speed slows down, my wall upgrade speed will decrease as well.

I will not be able to max walls before I go to TH12, which will happen in another 11-13 weeks after maxing AQ and warden


  1. Would you say it is worth it to use a book of fighting on lvl 8 barbarians after reaching TH11? Even if research time is decreased by 20% because of the gold pass?


    • Yup, it is still quite worth it. No other troops gains as much strength at that level as barbs. They are pretty short in terms of upgrade time but they are well worth getting early


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