Well, after getting my book of heroes I will need to use it up. Time to farm 10mil elixir to finish my warden for now. I made a mistake here, namely that I didn’t upgrade to TH12 asap, my town hall isn’t even upgrading! If I at least started my TH12 upgrade now, I would have less aq and warden down time and would’ve maxed them much faster. Oh well, it was too late

People also tell me that they want to rest a little while and have fun with the game with maxed heroes for their TH level. I didn’t get much more fun staying in TH11 with maxed heroes, I just farmed as usual and was sad that I didn’t get much progress with heroes. At least I completed a ton of walls while waiting for TH12

Spoiler: I’m now TH12 while writing this piece and I’ve having a ton of fun right now because I’m farming so hard to get AQ and warden upgrading again.

151 lvl11 walls remaining = 604mil to go

Just look at how fast my walls are being upgraded in the next 2 weeks as I blast through many quick upgrades


  1. Hello Dusk, I was wondering how you manage to always have your heroes upgrading while using barch. I have level 7 barch (barb going to 8) at TH11 at around gold 1 and I’m not finding much dark. Do you have any recommendations for me?


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