Time to do a ton of lab upgrades now that I have my lab free. It was upgrading bowlers to lvl3 previously. First upgrade, electro dragons and I will use a book here

Then I buy the second most efficient thing in the league shop

Now I have maxed electro loon which is a maxed war army for TH12. This would make my next cwl much easier, can’t wait for it. This is good timing as well since CWL starts next week

See? This is why you rush, you can just upgrade something really cheap instead of wasting a book of fighting. Now I have another 9.5 hours to farm enough elixir for my next desired lab upgrade. I’m planning to upgrade miners next

Another level of AQ done, she’s now lvl56. Another 780k DE or so to a maxed AQ.

Only 5 days and 18 hours remaining in my gold pass, I need to get AQ to lvl59 asap otherwise I would need to farm 50k-100 extra DE to upgrade AQ to max. I only need lvl59 because after the season ends, I will get 250k free DE which will be enough for her final level. Its crunch time!

Quick look at my base again, I upgraded rage spell to lvl4 here instead of miners, not sure why. It might be because I couldn’t farm 8.8mil elixir in 9.5 hours but I can’t really be sure. Anyway, upgrading rage spell is good as well because at least my electros can deal 4% extra damage

Ah, I see now. With this picture, it shows me that I used my elixir to upgrade an army camp instead of upgrading miners in the lab. Yeah, that was a good decision as army camps improve all my attacks while miners will not really improve my farming


  1. Is there a good way to complete the healer challenge with barch or another farming army? Kinda annoyed with that one right now.


  2. Hey Dusk, long time following your guides. I recently got back in CoC and I’m considering going to TH11 once I saw that huge boost on barb at th11.
    Do you think I should go to TH11 with my current base?
    Here is a pictures of my base and troops: https://imgur.com/a/2VVvwHO


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