Hopefully the update drops soon because I have been overflowing DE for the last month. This account will take heroes slowly while I grind out SinOfDusk and MiniSin first, nonetheless I would expect myself maxing AQ and warden again within 3-4 weeks.

This picture was taken on 16th of May and I completed the entire list now. It is almost necessary to wait for the 3rd batch of quests, about 2 weeks into the season, to finish the line. The only things worthwhile to rush are the 20% discounts because they really help a ton. Every month, try to finish as many quests as possible to get those asap.

This skin is quite nice actually, definitely will use it until something better comes out

Ain’t she a beauty? She’ll be going to lvl65 soon

Last two gold storages upgrading now, I will then upgrade giga tesla to max after that. It should help me protect myself in war and regular farming.

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