I honestly thought the June update would drop before this CWL finished so that we were restricted in builder potions. But apparently they weren’t ready to release the update so I had another 15 builder potions to use based on this reward.

Our team got 3rd place in crystal 2 after being promoted last season. I was a little apprehensive about going to C1 and fortunately we weren’t promoted. Our team is pretty weak honestly but being in a casual clan, that is fine. Most people are just about to learn how to electro drag spam so once we get that down, our team should be able to push through to C1/M3 pretty soon. We also have 7 TH12s now for the July season. I think our team is ready for C1 now

Based on this and our 5 wins, my clan gave me the bonus medals as well. That brings the total up to 21 free builder potions this season. Will need to spam them before they get nerfed

Just got 3 starred in defense 😥 Actually I don’t really care about being crushed on defense at all. I don’t even glance at my losses unless I’m taking a picture for the blog. I know whatever I lose, I can gain back all losses within 1 raid.

I actually can feel pain in losses when I get attacked right before I log in to the game after being offline for a significant amount of time. If I go to work for 10 hours and got raided after 9.5 hours of offline that, that really ticks me off. This makes me lose the regular loot and 9.5 hours of collector loot which can be significant.

This is a consequence of having strong defenses which deter and scare away weak attackers. Usually when I have rushed defenses and about 2mil loot (200k available), people already clamor to attack me. This is great when I’m busy because the shield allows me to work in peace. In MiniSin, maxing defenses got painful really quickly for me because people do not dare to raid me until I have 600-800k available. Currently with maxed collectors, it only takes 8 hours of collector loot to make me a 600k base. I only sleep for 6-7 hours per day so usually I don’t lose too much overnight, but I work for 10-14 hours in the day which sometimes allows me to lose a ton of loot.

Just showing the upgrades I’m doing here. Teslas are good short upgrades at low levels now. Imagine that it used to take 6+8+10 days to complete lvl4-6 (TH8!). Now it only takes 4-6 days for lvl7/8 (TH9/10)


  1. Why are you afraid of getting promoted in CWL? It’s literally always a good thing as long as you can still get 8 stars (which is definitely possible with maxed electro balloon). Getting 7th place in Crystal 1 still gives you more medals than 3rd place in Crystal 2.


    • Nah, I’m just afraid of killing their morale. Of course I know getting 7th in a higher league is better. But with this casual clan, they would be devastated if they were smashed without a thought


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