Since my TH10 had maxed gold and DE storage yesterday, I decided to use some DE armies to get the remaining elixir to max, had 5.5mil elixir before I started farming:


Needless to say that I only managed to farm 1.7mil elixir in 9 raids, and that’ quite pathetic. DE armies still require spells for them to be strong and that alone costs more elixir than simple barch. Not to mention the failures, only 2 raids in here can be deemed successful (from top, raids #2 and #7) because I was one hero down and was using a considerably cheap army.

The ROI of storage raiding is stupid because you may get good % and destroy a good portion of the base, but even getting 80% the total loot offered still means I’m making 320k per raid, while barch will easily get 400-500k per raid without the same effort.

This is why I always condemn people who think that storage raiding is a form of farming. Its a form of having fun without thinking about profits, but if progression is your calling, then please stay away from this nonsense

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