I’ve posted this more than a year ago, but realised I never added this to my blog, so here it is.

Original text:

The Misconception of Intimidation

In this post update era, everyone is not safe from being attacked. And no base can currently stop any competent attacker from taking a decent portion of your loot

I’ve already noted that, post update, strong bases get hit by stronger armies while weaker bases are hit by weaker armies. My rushed and main accounts are testaments to that, rushed th9 hit mostly by barch or gibarch, while mid th9 hit by mixture of th10 gibarch and th9 gowipe, and near max th11 exclusively only hit by gowiwi or gowipe.

Intimidation actually works reverse these days. You’ll want to less threatening base because more weak attackers would be likely to take a good shot at you and give you a shield while not dealing devastating damage.

I’ve been seeing more and more posts these days talking about how walls and lvl4 xbows etc intimidate people to not attacking. But as good attackers we know, when I hit with my warden, I don’t really care about anything except your loot offered. Your beastly built intimidating base has been nexted by countless weaker attackers because they knew they couldn’t take you on. Eventually, my warden and golems would have their eyes lit up by your 700/700/6k base due to protected collectors, and I dare say I’ll get a fair chunk out of that regardless of how intimidating your base is

Currently planning to rush one of my alts to th10, max infernos and teslas with pink/purple walls and see the defensive outcome

And the defensive outcome of having rushed defenses?

Rushed Account defense log (14/3/2017)

Rushed Account defense log (11/2/2017)

Defense log (17/1/2017)


  1. Out of all the rusher vs maxxer fighting, to me this is the most important part. Getting crappy attackers to give you shields before big hitters can steal your loot is super helpful.

    I don’t have as much experience as you to have the proof, but in my couple months of rushing I have seen it for sure.


    • Yeah, because maxers never experience this so they absolutely do not trust me. I just posted this in the forums because many maxers were upgrading 4 ADs at once and was able to defend well.


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