Here are my attacks and why I choose to hit these bases.

I generally target about 250k for easy collectors and 400k for not so easy ones.

Here is my army:


I’ll explain why I don’t use barch and goblins later in the post. I generally use 0-1 spells for collectors bases and 2-4 for storage raids. With no heroes, my storage raids are carefully chosen, I will show some of them later.

Let’s start


Here, these are the sorts of bases which I hit. Many people are using goblins to milk the collectors so if you are nexting around my league (c1-3), you would find dead bases with no loot. But goblins cannot punch into bases like above easily but miners can. This is why I use miners for now, less nexting time and less wasted loot. It is very true that I am losing elixir but with the half price I’m actually spending about the same on undiscounted barch.

I’m using miners like goblins and spamming them around the base with 2-3 miners per collector. If a gold mine is deep, I will tend to ignore it while focusing more on DE and elixir. If you see my journal post, you will notice that I have overflowing gold so it is not my priority right now

Sample attack log: (same as journal entry)


I’ll take more pictures of attack logs soon

Storage raids:

I choose my battles very carefully here because one fail and it sets me back 5 boosted minutes, not good.


Would you have gone for this base? Without heroes and maxed TH11 defenses seem tough to punch for miners alone, but see how the loot is distributed.


Picture 1: use 5-8 miners on each side and spam the rest in the middle

Picture 2: siege machine

Picture 3: 2 heals to assist into core, rage in core, 2 heals in core

Picture 4: earned 160k elixir and 7.4k DE

Another example


Would you have hit this? Look at how the loot is distributed


About 15 miners to take left side, the rest on the right. Should’ve used rage because the TH actually survived so I used the siege machine to break the TH. The salt must be real here.

Earned an easy 300k elixir.

That’s all so far, but I will make more posts




  1. This seems like a very strange post that doesn’t fit in with your other ones.

    First of all, you’re doing storage raids for a crappy 300k/300k/2k loot as a TH12.

    Second, you’re using miners which I thought you said waste too much elixir.

    Also, you said “I’ll explain why I don’t use barch and goblins later in the post” but I don’t think you did?


    • Yeah, pretty old post which I am probably going to delete soon. The context at the time was that this was the first few days of TH12, meaning no dead bases and there was a 50% troop discount going on. With the discount, miners cost the same as barch without any discount.

      I am writing a barch guide soon and this post would be rendered obsolete. Waiting for the update so that I can record many barch attacks


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