Sorry for the odd timing of this post, I just sit down to think and found a discovery. My usual journal posts will be delayed by one day because of this post.

While slowly going through the patch notes of the next update, particularly the new levels, I stumbled across the most significant buff in the next update. While we all are pretty excited for the +3 damage per shot archer towers will get in TH13, we all missed the significant hp buff your gold/elixir collectors will get in the next update.

Let’s review the stats:


This means that collectors get a 9.25% increase in their health. So what you say, 9.25% is still pretty low in most cases and you’re right. The difference here is that collectors are the most numerous buildings you have in the entire base, they comprise of almost 15% of your entire base. More importantly, reaching this specific amount of hp hits multiple break points which significantly slows down your troops when they are funneling or going through the base. Firstly, what is a break point?

A break point in game simply means an increase in damage/hp which allows you to take out an enemy with one less hit or survive one extra hit. The simplest example here is that lvl30 AQ needs 2 shots to take out a builder hut while lvl31 just requires 1 shot. This allows AQ to quickly go through builder huts when you are a TH10.

ExtraCredits has a good video on the topic below: (you’ll get the gist of it within a minute of the video)

While EC makes break points seem unintentional (and most of Clash’s break points are), this improvement is 100% deliberate by the SC dev team because of how many things it affects. This improvement for collectors will be the single biggest defensive buff in this update, not for TH11/12 but it is a targeted nerf at TH13. This 9.25% increase in hp can be worth up to 100% increase in multiple circumstances.

In summary (tl;dr version), this change allows collectors to withstand one extra hit from: (only important/relevant troops mentioned)

  • Maxed electro dragons (1 > 2)
  • Maxed pekkas (1 > 2)
  • Lvl65+AQ (2 > 3), Lvl50 AQ required to 3 hit (from lvl46)
  • Maxed yetis (4 > 5)
  • Lvl65-69 BK (2 > 3), lvl70 BK required to 2 hit
  • Lvl7 dragons (3 > 4)
  • No change for wizards, valkyrie, RC and warden

Detailed math and explanation below:

Break points in clash (and most games for that matter) happen essentially because a building with 1 hp can still output its full damage and you still need one full hit to destroy whatever building that is. Break points generally only affects big hits/troops, because for smaller troops you can just swarm it and with so many hits each dps/extra unit can decrease the time it takes to down a building.

For example, the new lvl8 goblins deal 124dps. It will take 9 hits to down a lvl13 collector, whereas it will take 10 hits to down a maxed collector. Going from 9 to 10 is a 11% increase in health which is proportionate to the 9.25% increase in hp the collector gets. And this is why almost no small troop was mentioned in the above summary, only heroes and big troops. Miners for example require 6 hits to down a collector from 5 but how often do you use a single miner to take out a collector?

On the other hand, break points affect slow hitters the most. Maxed pekkas deal 1098 damage, they used to be able to 1 hit lvl13 collectors and now they require 2 hits, from 1.8>3.6s. This means a small 9.25% increase yields a 100% effective hp gain. Of course there are still multiple variables in play like wizards from siege barracks, witch’s skeletons etc; but we all can see multiple scenarios where a single pekka/edrag will take ages to chew through the collectors while defenses have an extra seconds to wail on them.

Break points are the reason why the BH is far better balanced than the main base. Similar to the main base, BH upgrades are only 10% even from low levels. But what stands out is each 10% boost from defense/offense hits a break point and you need the corresponding offense/defense upgrade to overcome it. I can discuss break points in general in another topic but today we’ll only focus on collectors.

The current TH13 meta is forcing time fails and the biggest hit among the list is AQ. With the new change, AQ cannot 2 hit maxed collectors without ability/rage spell. 2 shots from a maxed AQ only deals 1170 damage and the collectors has 1180 forcing a third hit from AQ. This is an effective 50% health increase for collectors and may turn your 1 min QW to a 1 min 10-15s QW and subsequently leave you with insufficient time to 3 star a maxed TH13.

The infuriating change in this update is that it mostly affects TH13 and somewhat affects TH12. Since TH11 troops don’t have enough dps to destroy the buildings quickly anyway, the +100 dps actually does nothing to TH11. You can see the math below:

To read the table, the left most column is the level of the troop, the top most row is the level of collector and the cells show how many hits it takes for that troop to take down that building at a particular level.

EDragLvl13Lvl14Effective increase

As you can see, this change only affects TH13 who were able to one shot collectors and now requires 2 shots. It has zero impact at all for TH11/12.

PekkaLvl13Lvl14Effective increase

Pekkas cannot be upgraded in TH13 so only TH11/12 levels are shown here. Once again it only affects lvl8 pekkas and have zero impact on TH11.

YetiLvl13Lvl14Effective increase

Once again a directed nerf at TH13 yeti. Now if it affects only 13v13 then I’m all for it, however it impacts 13v12 much more. This is why each and every building and troop needs an extra level in each TH level. You can’t add things to TH11 and expect that to help with TH13 balance. Or leave spell factory at TH10 level while everything else gains hp and dps. This is why the builder base is far better balanced overall.

DragonLvl13Lvl14Effective increase

Fortunately the only thing that is not a targeted nerf at TH13. Very good I guess?

Overall, I don’t like this change because it impacts TH13s the most. This will only increase the difficulty of 13v13 and 13v12 while doing nothing for 11v13 or 12v13. The way SC balances the top TH has to change at some point, otherwise the only thing we are doing is just grinding for grinding’s sake. Upgrades at TH13 are 90% aesthetic and only 10% functional, unfortunately SC is solely focused on TH8-11 growth and fun whereas the highest level of players are just getting insignificant growth.

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