This guide is outdated, please refer to the updated TH9 guide

-Ignore all these, just keeping it for archive purposes-

This is the most relaxing phase of being a TH9, assuming you never maxed previous THs. Remember that I said don’t bother with collectors previously? Actually, I’m not sure if I said that before but now its time to catch all of them up.

If you have rushed properly as I did, you would have more than 200 days of collectors to work on. With 2 builders working on collectors, that’s 100 days for you to work on collectors. Your 3 other builders would be working on barracks and heroes with some defenses. With 100 days of collector building, you can now spend most of your time farming DE because collectors are so cheap. This means that you can effectively work on 2 heroes at once and still progress the game. 100 days of heroes is almost enough to get a lvl15 AQ to lvl30.

Remember the rusher’s adage? Offense > resources > defense. Now you’re working on resources.

If you have done your collectors as a lower TH, skip this guide and move on to TH9 (end). This is why rushers have large advantage over maxers, we can dedicate a large amount of time in working on collectors and heroes while maxers need to farm for expensive gold upgrades along with hero upgrades

First priority upgrades:

  1. AQ. As with the previous guide, keep her upgrading. There is no better investment that you can make with the DE you have lying around.
  2. BK. Any extra DE is given to BK, he’s less useful than AQ but will serve well in certain situations.
  3. Gold mines & elixir pumps. Keep 2 builders working on these structures, you’ll want to upgrade the lowest level first because they give the highest yield.
  4. Dark barracks. If you have not maxed them yet as an early TH9, work on dark barracks and unlock lava hounds. These will be the primary beasts you use for war. I personally don’t war but I’ve upgraded these for bowlers in TH10

Second priority upgrades:

  1. Barracks. After finishing dark barracks, work on barracks. You’ll be done with TH9 offense upgrades after finishing this.
  2. Nothing. If you have finished your collectors, move on to TH9 (end)


Well, since collectors are so cheap you’re able to dump all your loot into walls. Try finish all skulls (lvl8) by this time and start working on legos (lvl9)


Nothing much for the farmer. I suggest maxing wb, wiz, valk, heal, rage, jump while you’re here (assuming barb,arch,goblins,giants are already maxed)

For the war player, I suggest hounds > loons > valks > spells

From here, the rusher can go to TH10 or choose to stay in TH9 and work on your defenses.

Pre-requisite for TH10:

  1. Maxed barch. The most important thing.
  2. Maxed all TH9 offense (lab, sf, camp, dsf, dark barracks)
  3. Maxed most TH9 resource structures (can hold 8mil/8mil/190k and maxed dark drills)
  4. Built all defenses


  1. If you’ve already maxed barch, have 15/15 heroes, maxed storages, and maxed all offensive structures except dark barracks and dark spell factory, could you skip this stage and go to TH10? Since you said TH10 loot is much better. I don’t use dark troops and I’m not planning to use haste/skelly spell, except maybe in later TH10, in which case I could upgrade dark barracks/spell factory during TH10. And since your heroes are pretty much always down, what’s the point in staying at TH9 to get them up?


      • Is it okay to move on to TH10 once you have max barch but not 15/15 heroes? I mean, wouldn’t they be down pretty much all the time anyways?


      • Yup, not a problem actually. Its usually general advice and can screen players who are unable to farm enough. If someone is unable to farm for even 15/15 heroes, the player probably won’t benefit much from going to TH10


    • For completion and miners are actually decent for farming if your walls are good. Its better to spend this elixir here than to dump into walls, and if SC releases lvl13 barracks or lvl8 D.rax, you will be better off.

      Painful, yes. But usually its good. I’ve seen players maxing TH11 heroes and walls before touching barracks and that’s fine too


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